“There are two things about cowboy life it is hard work and it is often funny. It seems that cattle, horses, cow dogs, weather, windmills, bureaucrats, ranch wives, and God himself all conspire to make sure nothin’ ever goes as planned.

Anyway, all that laughin’ keeps cowboy life tolerable and interesting. Now any gifted cowboy who can relate that humor to the rest of the world is somebody to be valued. Ken Overcast is a gifted man– gifted at singing, gifted at yarnin’, and gifted and payin’ attention to his fellow cowboys.

In Shootin’ the Breeze, Ken’s second volume of (mostly) true cowboy and ranch tales, Ken once again entertains us with cowboy stories…. ¬ stories about stuff that happened to him, and stories about stuff that he heard about that happened to other big-hatted men. If you like laughin’ at cowboys, and I can¹t think of anybody who doesn’t, you’ll love Ken¹s new book. Don’t pass it up.”

Darrell Arnold, Publisher & Editor, Cowboy Magazine