Hey, Overcast fans….
“Savor the dusty flavors of the Old West, with a large dollop of “therapeutic B.S.” in this new chuckle-full collection of stories by Chinook singer, cowboy and storyteller Ken Overcast.

In his own words, Overcast believes it’s his “duty to mankind to spread as much baloney as possible,” and these 50 tall tales certainly help him fulfill that mission.

Cowpokes and farmers figure prominently in these stories, which start off with “Grandad’s Double Uddered Cow,” the story of some youthful hijinks and an inebriated ranch hand; followed by the woeful tale titled “Southern Snake Bite,” about a farmer’s wife who believes she was bitten by a snake while using the outhouse, only to discover that a “crotchety old settin’ hen” did the dirty deed.

As a song-maker and performer, Overcast has applied himself to preserving the western traditions that he’s steeped in. His syndicated radio program, “The Cowboy Show” airs nationally and he’s won several national awards, including the Will Rogers Award from the Academy of Western Artists.”

Montana State of the Arts, January/February 2007 Issue