“Fables from the Far Far West” by Ken Overcast


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“Take a step back in time or just across the road. If you have ever leaned against a corral fence visiting with friends or sat in a coffee shop with strangers you will feel at home on the pages of Ken’s books. He knows how your ranching neighbor talks. He knows how your old truck drives.

He knows the feel of dirt on the teeth, a rope in the hand, and the slobbery kiss of a dog. Most of all,
Ken knows how to tell a story and deliver a smile."


240 Pages with Photos and Illustrations
Illustrated by Ben Crane

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  1. There is one major problem with Ken's books. I have a devil of a time trying to decide which one to order, because I want all of them. They are 5 star for sure.
    • Ken Overcast
      Ahhh ... thanks Vanna. I appreciate it.

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