Silver and Gold CD
All Original Gospel


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This is an all gospel album of songs Ken wrote several years ago when the family was goin' through some pretty tough times. They've been a lot of comfort to many folks through the years. If you, or someone you know, is goin' through some deep water and needs a little encouragement..... this is the one.

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  1. Ken, I think of you and Dawn often, its been a long time. Stayed the night at the old farm house back in 2005 I think, brought up some Montys from Missoula and chased a bat in the upstairs bedroom. I think of you two because of a song you played at the kitchen table that night about your granddaughter, "We gave God Praise today". I just wanted to say thank you for the memory and God bless you two. Mike
    • Ken Overcast
      Thanks for the mail, Mike. Yep, that was a couple of days ago. I hope you're doing well. That old house burned to the ground in Feb of '13. Thank God we were out of town and nobody was there. We bought a house in town, so I guess we're now officially "city slickers" ... dang it anyway. We're still ranchin', though. Blessin's on ya. Ken

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